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In the world of infinite cures who's foundation are chemicals, We want to lay the stone of a cure

Our Vision

Through ADA-Health Care Deepika Bhatia- A doctor in Naturopathy (a cancer survivor) and Amandeep Kaur a holistic nutritionist can foresee the side-effects of these chemicals – which are everlasting – on the health of people. Our foremost vision is to eradicate disease and especially Cancer which is 45% caused by chemicals bonds which leave residue in the body and leads to toxic reactions.

Our Goal

In today’s world where we so busy in  making a living that we forget to make a life… a small effort  to replicate nutrients and whole food in natural supplements.

Why ADAN is the need of An Hour

No one can deny the side effects of chemicals on our health. Cancer is a disease which is escalating all over the world with greater speed. Even our owners Dr. Dipikaa A Bhatia and dietician Amandeep Kaur gone through misery of health in the past because of these chemicals. One is a cancer survivor Dr Dipikaa A Bhatia and other dietitian Amandeep Kaur has faced multiple hormonal issues and minor thalassemia.

To conquer all the ailments and step out for the Welfare of all humanity they took out the solution in natural supplements. These natural supplements are Non GMO, free from chemicals with no Soya and no gluten and of course vegan.

To give a halt to all the prevailing diseases the need of the hour is to be in the core of nature and natural supplements is a true approach.

This company works with a Motto *CURE ALL PURE ALL and Nature is purest of all.

Vision of Our Team

Dr. Dt. Dipikaa A Bhatia

Doctor in naturopathy and expert therapeutic dietitian has great and excruciating past. She is a cancer survivor who can easily visualise chemicals that bring out in her life. Her only vision is completely eradicate the cancer and causes of cancer And she wants to fight this battle with nature as its shield.

Amandeep Kaur - A Holistic Nutritionist

Ayurveda and Naturopathy expert has a her own perception towards humanity. Health is a relationship between you and your body when we are connected with nature the body heals and The crust of earth has infinitely healing reserves and when combined together in right proportion the suffering can easily be overcome.

Meet Our Team